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Chitwan Pariwar UK

Chitwan pariwar UK is an organisation formed in year 2005 by a group of people those who come from Chitwan district of Nepal. Geographically Chitwan is situated in south central part of Nepal bordering India to the South. About 90% of its land is plain and famous for tourism and farming. The Chitwan National park is the first national park in Nepal, formerly called Royal Chitwan national park, it was established in 1973 and granted the status of a world heritage site in 1984. Chitwan National Park has long been one of the country' treasures of natural wonders.

Most of the people who currently live in Chitwan have migrated from other regions for number of other reasons as the time and knowledge began find ways to improve their future such as better farming, job opportunity, education and better healthcare.As a result in the early 2000 a number of people from Chitwan stepped in to the United Kingdom in the context of finding employment opportunities and settlement.

In 2004 an announcement of settlement right for Ex- Gurkhas by the British Government has made great impact on our society. The gradual increase of people from Chitwan in the UK have now prompted to establishing Chitwan Pariwar UK,whose main objective is to strengthen the unity and share the value and culture amongst each other, thereby bringing a feeling of help and co-operation in  order to maintain our lifestyle in the UK.

Then in 2005, small group of friends felt the necessity to form the Chitwan Pariwar to bring all the Chitwanes together and help each other in good and bad times, later in April 2006 CPUK was able to make all the Chitwanes all over UK aware of the organization, under the leadership of first President/Chairman Mr Dambar Bahadur Gurung(now advisor), the committee then introduced the first written constitution of Chitwan Pariwar UK in late 2006.

Due to rapid increment of members, changing circumstance and progression of the society the committee has decided to establish a document called ‘’CHITWAN PARIWAR RULES AND REGULATIONS’’ supported by the existing CPUK constitution, passed resolutions from past committee meeting’s minutes.

In addition the CPUK look forward to working together with other Nepalese community in the UK in order to share our value, identity and status.



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